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How to make Rainbow Loom Santa Minion Ornament / Bracelet

My 8 years daughter, Michelle, would love to show you how to make a Rainbow Loom Santa Minion Ornament, you can also add extension to make it into a bracelet, the bracelet loom makers we are using in this video is Twist n loop, we purchased it at Five below, it’s only US$5.00 each, it is not as good as the Rainbow Loom brand, but enough for what we need.

She was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome (ABS) which affected 7 of her fingers. So please be patient when you see she has difficulties on making the bracelet in this video. Thank you and please enjoy this video!

To learn more about ABS, please view this link: http://amnioticbandsyndrome.com/

An image describes how it affect the fingers. https://db.tt/yjU64o7G


–> Pattern: https://db.tt/QCaqiLjv


Hat, Body, Hands & Shoes:
Red: 61 bands
White: 22 bands
Yellow: 40 bands
Black: 10 bands

Minion’s Goggles:
Black: 4 bands
Silver/Grey: 2 bands for 2 eyes minion,
1 band for 1 eye minion

Bracelet extention:
Red: 12 – 18 bands, depends on the size of your wrist.
Kids usually need 12 bands.

Wiggle eyes: 2 pieces for 2 eyes minion
1 piece for 1 eye minion
White band: 1 for each eye


Inspired by Made by Mommy’s Santa Hat Charm on the Rainbow Loom

DIY Hexafish loom maker for making Hexafish bracelet

Homemade Hexafish Loom Maker

Homemade Hexafish Loom Maker

DIY Hexafish loom maker to make hexafish rubber band bracelet. I made this maker because my off brand loom maker does not has whole in the bottom, so I cannot make hexafish bracelet like those using the Rainbow loom brand loom maker. I glued 6 pencils (free from halloween, valentine’s exchange) on a hard cardboard tube by hot glue, then secure them by duct tape.