▶ Rainbow Loom Snowman Ornament / Bracelet YouTube Tutorial

I’d designed this snowman bracelet before Thanksgiving but was so busy during Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping for x’mas gifts. Now finally have time to produce this video.

This is a Snowman Ornament, you can also add extra bands for the extension to make it into a bracelet.

Click here to download the Snowman Ornament / Bracelet Pattern in PDF format.

Processing time: 30 mins

Materials that you will need for the Snowman Ornament/ Bracelet:

A. 2 bracelet making kits / loom makers

B. Rubber bands:
~ White: 90-100 pcs (for the snowman head and body, extension for bracelet )
~ Black: 45-55 pcs (for hat, eyes and buttons, extension for bracelet)
~ Orange: 2 pcs (for the nose)
~ Red: 3 pcs (for the ribbon of the hat, you can use any other colors that you like)
~ Purple: 12 pcs (for the scarf, you can use any other colors that you like)

C. 1 s-clip or c-clip to hold the eyes at the back.
1 s-clip or c-clip if you are making a bracelet.

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