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Stretch Band Bracelet Loops

My order at arrived this evening. The colors are very nice. The size of this brand is little larger than Rainbow Loom & Cra-z-Loom bands. The quality of black and purple are the worst. They are very dry, when you stretch the black color, it will turn into dark grey, you can see the white stretch mark on the band, same as purple, you can see the white stretch mark.

But what you paid what you get, that is why they are only $1.19 (Reg. $1.99) per pack.

Check back later and I will write a review here.

Found some rubber bands online

This week, I was searching online everyday looking for rubber band refills, compare prices. Came up found a good deal at

It’s on sale, only $1.19 per pack, with 500 bands but no clips (Reg. $1.99). and free shipping, so today I ordered 1 for each color, so total is after taxed is only $13.24, average $0.0026 per band. Even cheaper than multi-color pack on

Updated: After used these rubber bands for many bracelets, I would not suggest you to buy these. The quality is really bad, many bands broken when I was making bracelets and charms. Some rubber bands also wearing off on the finished projects.






$1.19 (Reg. $1.99) at

Rainbow loom craft

As a crafter, I sure pay attention on the most recent and popular craft trend.  When I first hear about rainbow loom, I was a little interesting to buy it, but then I stopped and keep doing research on it.

The official brand is call Rainbow Loom, and the loom kit is US$16.99 plus tax at Michael’s, refill bands are US$3.99 per pack with 600 bands and 24 c-clips.

Everything so expensive, and you cannot use coupon to purchase anything for Rainbow loom at Michael’s.   So I was waiting and waiting.  I told myself don’t get into this trend.  Unfortunately, the rainbow loom craft showed up at the girl scouts troop round up, my 8 years old daughter and I made a bracelet there.

At that time, I still told myself don’t buy anything……until one day, my daughter wearing a bracelet to home after school.  Her best friend gave her a rainbow loom bracelet.   The next day, she got another bracelet again.  OMG! The trend finally hit my 3rd grader. 

I searched, ebay,, hobby lobby, Walmart, Target,, and found an off brand starter kit call Cra-z-loom at, it’s is US$14.99 before taxed, and accept coupon, I have a $3 off coupon, so it’s only US$11.99 after coupon.

I love the color of the loom maker and hook, they are pink!  Yes, I personally don’t really into the light blue color of the Rainbow Loom loom maker. 

So I went to the ToysRus store and  purchased the Cra-z-loom starter kit.


Cra-z-loom bracelet maker from ToysRus

My daughter was so happy with this bracelet maker, and started making bracelets.