Rainbow loom craft

As a crafter, I sure pay attention on the most recent and popular craft trend.  When I first hear about rainbow loom, I was a little interesting to buy it, but then I stopped and keep doing research on it.

The official brand is call Rainbow Loom, and the loom kit is US$16.99 plus tax at Michael’s, refill bands are US$3.99 per pack with 600 bands and 24 c-clips.

Everything so expensive, and you cannot use coupon to purchase anything for Rainbow loom at Michael’s.   So I was waiting and waiting.  I told myself don’t get into this trend.  Unfortunately, the rainbow loom craft showed up at the girl scouts troop round up, my 8 years old daughter and I made a bracelet there.

At that time, I still told myself don’t buy anything……until one day, my daughter wearing a bracelet to home after school.  Her best friend gave her a rainbow loom bracelet.   The next day, she got another bracelet again.  OMG! The trend finally hit my 3rd grader. 

I searched Amazon.com, ebay, Joann.com, hobby lobby, Walmart, Target, ToysRus.com, and found an off brand starter kit call Cra-z-loom at Toysrus.com, it’s is US$14.99 before taxed, and accept coupon, I have a $3 off coupon, so it’s only US$11.99 after coupon.

I love the color of the loom maker and hook, they are pink!  Yes, I personally don’t really into the light blue color of the Rainbow Loom loom maker. 

So I went to the ToysRus store and  purchased the Cra-z-loom starter kit.


Cra-z-loom bracelet maker from ToysRus

My daughter was so happy with this bracelet maker, and started making bracelets.

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