Rainbow Loom Special Alert: Be aware of counterfeit Rainbow Loom® products

Rainbow Loom Official Alert! Counterfeit rainbow loom

Rainbow Loom Official Alert! Counterfeit rainbow loom


Special Alert: Please be aware that there are many fake/counterfeit Rainbow Loom® products on the internet marketplaces and mall kiosk stores today. These fake products possess the same name as ours and have only minor differences in their almost-identical packaging; therefore, it is very difficult to differentiate the genuine from the counterfeit products. The counterfeit products are unsafe for children, have not been through testing in accordance with U.S. Toy Safety Standards (may contain lead and other dangerous substances), inferior in quality, and do not come with Rainbow Loom® warranty. Please purchase from our authorized retailers or our website to ensure that you are purchasing the genuine Rainbow Loom® products. Click here to learn more about the dangers of counterfeits and how to spot them. Thank you.

For more details, please visit Rainbow Loom official website.

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